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The Rule-Free Golf Swing is a short book; it's only 30 pages long. And it's short for a reason: improving a golf swing is a straightforward process and can be explained in few words. In less than hours reading, you'll have all the tools you need to make real progress.  Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. 

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"Written with clarity, warmth and humor. Also very practical so can be easily applied. Thank you."

Dr Gio Valiante, Sport Psychologist; author of Fearless Golf.

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity

The power of images

The problem with swing mechanics is: we need to obey the rules – the 'swing rules' that tell us what-needs-to-moves-where-and-when in a golf swing. There are simply too many of them. We're deluged with tips, secrets, gimmicks and theories; we're confused by jargon and pseudoscience; and we're frustrated with our body, which refuses to obey the rules. In other words – we've had enough of swing mechanics!  

   And we're right to feel this way because the swing mechanics approach to improving a swing – trying to force our body through a long series of angles, positions and movements – has no basis in science; we simply can't learn that way. Well, we can, but it's a slow, tedious and frustrating business. There must be a better way.

   And there is – we can bypass swing mechanics and improve our swing using the far simpler principles of the science most appropriate to improving a skill – motor skill science. Here, we find we can improve our swing simply by focussing in just a handful of images. 


"Beautiful little book. Thank you!"

Tony Wright, Game Improvement Golf.

Motor skill science does what it says: it tells us the best to improve our skill. It tells us we can't improve by trying to obey mechanical movement rules, but we can improve by focusing on images of what we want our swing to achieve. In fact, we can create an excellent swing using just four images! 

   Suddenly, practice becomes simpler, more effective and more enjoyable. We see real improvements because we're harnessing our natural skill-learning systems. We no longer waste our valuable practice time puzzling over mechanics.

   And when we focus on images, our mechanics – which so far have stubbornly refused to improve – just fall into place. Not into Hogan-like 'perfection,' but into a set of movements that suits our age, gender, fitness, talent, body shape and even personality. We get a swing that's perfect for us - our own swing signature.

The problem with mechanics

The Rule-Free Golf Swing

Improve your game with four simple pictures

"...tells you how to apply motor learning to the golf swing. Best book around. Amazon reviewer, November 2017.

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Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.