The science of outstanding sport performance

​​​​Chris Riddoch


Book cover - The Golf Swing

These books will improve your sport performance. Two are for golfers; the third is for players of all sports. Here, you will learn the scientific route to high performance. Not the complicated science of journals and text books - the simplified, 'translated' version which has all the jargon taken out. 

     The information is for sportsmen and women of all levels. You may be a beginner seeking rapid improvement, or you may be a good player looking for a breakthrough to higher levels. You may even be a top-class player who wants to be a champion. Or you may be a sports fan who simply wants to know how today's great players become so great. 
     In the following pages, you'll find a summary of each book. After reading, if you're still unsure, contact me and I'll be glad to help.

Be the best player you can be!



Book cover - Winning at Sport
Book cover - Expert Putting

"My aim is to show you the scientific route to being the best player you can be. No myths, no opinions, no untested theories. Just the scientific truth about how to be a winner."